Before accessing the Henry2 cluster

Access to the cluster is through a login node, and login nodes are accessed using SSH to connect to Before logging in, a user must read and understand the HPC Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), located here.

There is a pool of four login nodes, and they are shared with all users of Henry2. No resource intensive processes may be run on these shared login nodes. The purpose of a login node is to provide access to the cluster via SSH and to prepare for running a program (e.g., editing files, compiling, and submitting batch jobs). A compute node is used for running the program. To run interactive processes that are resource intensive, start an interactive session on a compute node.

This video on the HPC Acceptable Use Policy explains some of the technical details of the AUP including the difference between login nodes and compute nodes.

Logging in


  • Terminal is already included in macOS.
    • Open the Terminal by opening the Applications folder, then the Utilities folder, and then click
      Alternatively, use the Mac 'Spotlight Search' tool (hit [Command+Space] or click the magnifying glass in the tool bar) and search for Terminal.


  • MobaXterm

    Download and install the MobaXterm Home Edition (Installer edition).
    Open MobaXterm and click Start local terminal.

  • Here are more detailed instructions on installing and configuring MobaXterm.
  • To connect to the shared HPC login nodes, open a terminal window and type ssh, where user_name is the Unity ID.

    To allow Henry2 to open a window on a local machine, e.g., for GUI applications, X11 forwarding must be enabled by adding the -X option, i.e., ssh -X On macOS, install XQuartz to use X11 forwarding. When using MobaXterm, X11 is enabled by default.

    Video Tutorials
  • Logging in to Henry2 on macOS
  • Logging in to Henry2 on Windows using MobaXterm

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