Note: The video version of this segment of the tutorial is here.

Directory locations and storage

Before transferring files, read the descriptions of Home directory and Scratch directory on the HPC Storage page.

Transferring files

See the documentation on File Transfer to learn how to move files between your local machine and Hazel.

Exercise 3.1: Understanding the file system

Use the Storage page to answer the following questions.
  • How much space do you have in your home directory?
  • What is your default group?
  • Where is your scratch directory (i.e., what is its file path), and how much space does your project have in this directory?
  • What is the difference between Scratch Storage and Mass Storage?
  • Exercise 3.2: Transfer the exercise file

    See our File Transfer page to do the following using SCP.
  • Use SCP to copy the R script weather.R from your guide folder on Hazel to the current working folder of your local machine.
  • Using nano or vi in your local terminal window, modify weather.R by adding 'Hazel!' to the comment line. Now, it should look like:
    # Hello Hazel!
  • Use SCP to copy the modified file back to Hazel.
  • Use less to check the contents of the file.

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